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Land View Off Of Cénou | Catamaran Charters


We combine theoretical and experiential teaching. You will get get to feel the steps that prelude the passage in which you will take part. All decisions are discussed, particularly decisions that involve strategy and planning such as weather, routing, but also sail plan and watch schedule, double checking safety, supplies, last minute weather etc. Having everyone contributing to the discussion is not just a good way to teach, it also solidifies trust and commitments in the decisions.


We also teach in a way that promotes cross knowledge so that everyone feels comfortable with the basic tasks of running the boat. This is especially important for boats that are short handed. What happens if the most capable person gets hurt? How do you plan your boat for potential solo sailing? What if someone gets sick during a passage and the watch schedule turns into a solo affair for a day or two?


There is something very simple about voyaging with a sailboat but paradoxically there is also a lot planning and while all of it involves anticipation of reaching new shores, none of it is free from some apprehension. Knowledge of your boat, confidence in your skills and in your decision making process will go a long way to increase the joy and calm the nerves.

Passages to Cruising
| Sail the Blue | Newport, RI

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