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In the Bahamas Looking Up Toward Newport

I have been in the Bahamas since November 10 or so. First arrived in Marsh Harbor which is the northernmost point of entry into the country. A month later I sailed solo the last 200 miles to Georgetown where I proceeded to get stuck because of weather.

It seems weather in the Bahamas has been out of sorts. January (normally a mostly dry month) brought as much rain as the Bahamas gets in an entire year. Then a near gale blew for three days. It has hardly been great cruising. That said, when I did manage to get out, the water is beautiful, in some of the islands you can be the only one anchored in crystal clear water, and the wind, when it is not blowing a solid 20 is usually nice and steady.

February is almost gone and with March around the corner I can see the shadows of April when Cénou will head toward West Palm for some cockpit work and bottom paint, not to mention a serious clean up and desalting.

Mid-June, when the SW is well set in, I will be taking Cénou back up to Newport for what I hope to be a great chartering season. There are already three bookings, including a group that tried to book at least four times last year. First they had too many people, then the dates did not work. But this time they got it and I look forward to the most persiverent guests I have ever had.

In the meantime I will continue to explore the cays and enjoy sailing when the weather is willing to give it to me.

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