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Sailing Has It All

Sunrise in Newport Harbor

Sailing is not just a sport. It lets you get out on the water and participate or just relax, travel or sit at anchor and enjoy the passing of time being gently rocked (this is a cat, it never moves much). It can be just pure relaxation or progress to the exhilarating as the wind increases through the day and the boat picks up speed.

Most mornings start out slow and peaceful. Sip a cup of tea or coffee while the anchorage is still asleep is one of the most sought after activities of people on come onboard. As the sun comes up the wind will usually fill in and that sets up the day for another adventure out on the ocean with long reaches to a destination that will provide new places to explore, a change of venues and restaurants. But what never changes is that Cénou always offers plenty of lounging space on a great sailing platform. So, come out and experience it for yourselves.

Whether it is a day sail or days traveling from destination to destination, a holiday on the water will stand out in your memory. And from my experience in doing this since 2012, a holiday on Cénou will always stand out in a good way. So, come out and get on the water before winter starts clawing at the summer fun!

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