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Get on the water in 2019!

The sailing season for 2019 is fast approaching. There are many good reasons to visit Newport, RI, which is why an estimated 3.5 million people a year do so. They come for all kinds of reasons which range from all out party/beer/food fun to religious. And then there is everything in between. It is hard to imagine that any significant percentage of those who come do not at least gaze at the water either while enjoying the Cliff Walk or gazing at the boats in Newport Harbor.

Indeed, Newport is all about the water. Boasting the deepest natural harbor of the entire East Coast, the city started as a shipping/trading center. Fishing vessels and warships were always part of the equation as well and at one point in its history, they gave Newport a very colorful backdrop.

Just this fall I met someone who's parents’ house was right next to a brothel. His bedroom had a full view of it and he often saw men and women thrown out of windows. Waking up in the morning to the sight of the drunk sailor sprawled passed out in the alley was common.

While Newport went from trade and heavy religious influence to a period of straight out debauchery (and I would include the ultra wealthy and their mansions in that) to a more satiated tourist attraction, all of it has always been and continues to be centered around the water.

So it is natural that there are so many people wanting to get on the water and so many boats offering the opportunity to do so.

Whether it is Green at,, Patrick and Monika at or the more commercially oriented outfits, we are all there to bring people out on the water. Some of us concentrate on the day sail trade others, such as also offer multi day sailing.

Either way, all of us have fun sailing and we can only hope that every year more people catch on to how relaxing and beautiful the experience of setting sail and seeing the shore receded is. See you on the water!

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