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What to bring for a day sail

We have tacked out of the East Passage in a nice breeze and now there is an unobstructed ocean and its horizon ahead. The sun is out and you are sitting on the net as the bows move up and down with each passing wave. Water is rushing by under you, it is just warm enough to be in a bathing suit with a t-shirt on. You have signed up for a day sail, so there is another five hours to spend sailing, sitting at anchor, jumping off the boat to swim before sailing back lazily through the East Passage and on to Newport harbor. Part of your comfort during that time will depend on what you chose to bring with you for the trip.

Six hours on the water, depending on weather conditions, could bring you a variety of experiences. While it is unlikely that you would require pants, something to keep your core warm is always a good idea. Fleece and windbreaker give you a variety of options. Pants could be useful if you are worried about sunburn or early in the season when wind over cooler water keeps the temperature down.

If you are going to jump off the boat, towels are necessary along with a bathing suit.

Sun protection in the form of hat, sunglasses and sunscreen is a very good idea. If you are going to sunbathe on deck please use a towel so that the lotions you use does not render the deck slippery! So a full body towel is necessary whether you will swim or not.

While boats and alcohol seem to be ubiquitous think more hydration first and the pleasure of your favor alcoholic beverage second. Please do not bring liquor on board. We will gladly make coffee and tea for you and provide non-breakable “glassware”. We also much prefer that you bring drinks that are in non-breakable packaging when possible. Broken glass and bare feet can make a real mess.

Speaking of feet, we would rather you walk about barefoot but if you must wear shoes please bring non-marking flat soles. Non marking shoe soles are usually all white. Shoes with heels are never to be used while onboard.

Feel free to bring whatever food you want onboard. While we can provide our oven to reheat cooking will not be possible. Two smaller coolers are better than a large one as getting onboard will require transfer between two moving vessels.

Beside lunch, snacks are always a good idea and if someone is prone to motions sickness, pretzels or salted crackers is a time tested snack for that condition.

Some people bring a portable speaker, or a board game. Someone even brought a guitar once. Mostly though, guests find that sails, sun and water is all one really needs.

See you on the water!


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